The Lawyer. Marco Paloni was admitted to the Chartered Lawyers Association of Rome since November 1993 and is admitted to plead before the Cassation Court since January 2015.
practise into the avv. Michele Chandra Lambert's firm, in Rome, where he continued to have the law firm until March 2007.
practicing in the Prati area, in Rome in Via Trionfale 21, at a Studio she shares with other lawyers.
In the late
90 's he has worked regularly with the study by Prof. AVV. Guido Zangari, a Professor of labor law at the University of  Siena, located in Rome, Via Bissolati, 76, where he followed mainly issues and employment disputes, assisting both businesses employees.
1994 seamlessly continues the pursuit of the professional activities dealing with issues of family law, proceedings before the  Court of first instance for Minors in Rome, bankruptcy law, Civil law, lawsuits for damages from medical malpractice and from road traffic; particular attention on issues and disputes on labour law regarding submitting appeals against dismissal, wage differences and requests causes of bullying.
1996 she participated and attended a two-year cycle of canonical education for graduates in law from the Pontifical Gregorian  University of Rome by rating overall Magna Honors.
He attended
a postgraduate course for insolvency practitioners and a refresher and further training in matters pertaining to the juvenile law and the problems of children and adolescents.

Avv. Marco Paloni's firm developed for some years an intense collaboration with Studio Legale Associato Avv. Adam Morawski, of Warsaw, dealing in particular-in addition to international law issues-investment and commercial development of Italian enterprises in the territory of the Republic of Poland.


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